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Having grown up in western Washington I have had little experience with the desert, and when I got an opportunity to go bouldering at Joshua Tree National Park I leapt at the chance. First thing I noticed at the site we were going to climb is that the campsites had little to no vegetation next to them but since it is in the middle of the Mojave desert it did not come as a surprise. We began hiking into the mound of boulders that stacked up into very large formations. Bouldering is fun because you do not need to use any ropes or harnesses you can just climb and enjoy the scenery. The weather was perfect for our climb at around 70 degrees and we all brought plenty of water to keep us hydrated. Climbing got fairly difficult after a while because the rocks had bits of quartz in them that really cut into skin easily. Find expert advice about  Uprising Adventure Guides  read here

After using chalk on my hands I was ready to continue, and I quickly scampered up to the top of a large formation. Looking down at the boulders below and it was very amazing to see the scale of the boulders in the part of the park. Climbing was a lot of fun but a few weeks later I was able to return to the park on a camping trip and it was at night that I discovered the most amazing part of Joshua Tree National Park and that is the stars. Our campsite had absolutely no lights around it and as a result there were more stars in the sky then I had ever seen before in my life. It really put the scale of planet into perspective and one could not help but marvel at creation. Throughout the night I saw many shooting stars and even a few satellites orbiting the earth.

The next day I went for a hike with my camping buddies to a palm tree grove in the middle of the desert. It was very interesting for me to be on this hike because we were walking on sand for most of the way and I am not used to seeing sand elsewhere than the beach. Hiking was tiring but it was worth it to see the palm tree oasis at the end and we passed many cool cactuses along the way. Overall I really enjoyed my experiences in Joshua Tree National Park.