Jacksonville SEO – Basics

Blogging is an art and it is not as easy as it may sound. Writing articles at the comfort of lying on your bed, this may sound too easy for the creative work, but the real writer or blogger knows how actually this work is done and the truth is known to him only.

In case the topic about which one is writing and writing is one’s passion, it is not at all difficult to write. The tedious task is the technical aspects, like formatting and optimizing it on Google Search. Get the facts about  Jacksonville SEO

There are many tools available that help in automating the processes and help you concentrate more on the topic writing:

Using Buzzsumo to Define the Topic:
The first and foremost task is to define the topic for the SEO-friendly content. You may have various ideas but that may have been covered by someone else. The Buzzsumo tool helps in finding out the most shared contents on any of the given topics. It ensures the followings:

The idea has not been overused.
Analyzing the competitors’ content.
Finding out the bloggers for your content.
Social Media Platforms.
Finding out the unique topic.
Adopting the Serpstat for Handling the SEO Factors

Serpstat is said to be the All-in-one SEO platform that comprises of different five modules to enable you to score higher ranks.

It proposes the keyword research from end to end efficient tools. Correlated and Coupled Keywords are known as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keyword that makes it natural.


Using Grammarly to Review and Rectify Mistakes and Evade Plagiarism
No matter the topic selected or at hand is a great topic and have been chosen after too much hard work and research for its uniqueness, 10x articles. One may think in an attempt the article drafted is perfect but it may have numerous mistakes. Reviewing and rectifying it with Grammarly which is free grammar, spelling as well as syntax tool. It also suggests the over usage of any word and helps you with synonyms, or too long sentences which does not make any sense.

Using Hemingway to remain Concise and Brief
It is well known as the best practice for online writing work: to have short sentences, small paragraphs, appropriate subheadings, and bulleted or numbered listing etc. with the revolution of Internet and technology, the users most of the time surf the web through a handheld or mobile devices. Therefore it becomes imperative to use short sentences so as to avoid pointless sentence conquers the entire screen and does not get the required attention of the reader.